Yearly Congress

Each year the President is the host for our yearly congress, in his home country.logo

At this event all the country representatives and members of WAMA meet to teach and train together.

It is also at this event the representatives elects the upcoming president for next year, and discusses the future of our organisation.

Upcoming Congress 2022 United Kingdom

Next year the congress will be held in Harrogate, United Kingdom. For more information please look at our Facebook site, or contact Steve Barnett, the  representative of WAMA in the United Kingdom.


Congress 2021Congress 2021 United Kingdom

The 11th-12th of September the 9th WAMA Congress was planned to be held in Harrogate, United Kingdom by Steve Barnett. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to Covid-19.

Congress 2020 Russia

The 17th-19th of April the 8th WAMA Congress was planned to be held in Kazan Russia by Alexey Michenco and Alexander Sivkov. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to Covid-19.

Congress 2019 Norway

The 20th-22 of September the 7th WAMA Congress was be in Norway by Pål-Erik Ruud, Tor Arne Sandholt, Terje Choi Føresund and their team from Øvre Romerike Budo Senter

Congress 2018 United Kingdom

The 15-16 of September 2018 the 6th Wama Congress was held in Harrogate the United Kingdom by Steve Barnett, Gary Don and the UK team.

Congress 2017 Kazakhstan

The 23-24 of September 2017 the 5th Wama Congress was held in Astana Kazakhstan by Ruslan Abdreyev and his instructor team.

Congress 2016 Sweden

The 16-17 of September 2015, the 4th WAMA Congress was held in Kungälv, Sweden by Hans Pihelgas, Anna-Karin Garstam, Göran Falk and the Swedish team.

Congress 2015 Denmark

The 23-25 of October 2015, the 3rd WAMA Congress was held by Christian Hvidberg in Aalborg, Denmark. hosted by Aalborg Ju-jitsu & Selfdefence Club.

gruppe billede wama congress 2014Congress 2014 Germany

The 2nd congress of World Alliance of Martial Arts 2014 was held by Ralpf Karp and TAO Schule team on the 14th and 15th of june 2014 in Cuxhafen Germany.

Congress 2013 Russia

The first officiel World Alliance of Martial Arts Congress was held in Kazan, Russia, by Alexander Sivkov and Alexey Mishenco and their Russian team.