Thomas Christiansen

Ranks and certifications

  • Instructor Mizu-no-kokoro Ryu Ju-jitsu

Background and associations 

  • Secretary of WAMA
  • Legal advicer



News & Events

All events is uploaded by Thomas, so when you want to advertise an Event, please upload it to your facebook account at World Alliance of Martial Arts, and it will appear at our webpage. Should you have trouble posting the event on facebook, please send the information to Thomas, and he will help you post it.

All information regarding seminars that have already been held is to be posted on facebook, and sent to Thomas, with some text and some pictures, then he will post it on the news site. It can also be a promotion in the Technical board or a grading of one of the key people of WAMA. Please send it to the email above.


Thomas Christiansen is in his daily life a lawyer, and have insight into international legal matters. Thomas gives us advice, when we have to take decissions that needs that kind of attention. This way we secure that all matters regarding WAMA’s purpose stays legal.