Representative of Denmark.


Christian Hvidberg


Ranks and certifications

  • 8th dan Mizu-no-kokoro Ryu Ju-jitsu
  • 1st dan ZNKR Iaido
  • Street Sence coach
  • PDR fundamental coach

Background and association

  • Cofounder of WAMA
  • Administrative coordinator of WAMA
  • Representative of WAMA Denmark
  • Director of the National technical board of WAMA – Denmark
  • Founder of Mizu-no-kokoro Ryu Ju-jitsu
  • Chief Instructor of Aalborg Self defense and Ju-jitsu Club
  • Cofounder of Street Sence and Sence Conflict Management Systems
  • Honorary member of Federal Alliance of Russia
  • Honorary member of Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu Ju-jitsu
  • Honorary member of Aalborg Self defence and Ju-jitsu club
  • Inducted to the Kazahstan Ju-jitsu federation Martial Arts Hall of Fame



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