Wama welcomes Rigoberto Lopez Vazquez and Kung Do Lama as representative from Mexico

WAMA is proud to announce that Rigoberto Lopez Vazquez and Kung Do Lama is now a member of WAMA.

Rigoberto Lopez Vazquez has been doing and teaching martial arts for many years, and has from 1964 been doing his own style of martial arts Kung Do Lama, with great succes.

Sensei Vazquez holds degrees in many different styles of martial arts, including Capoeira, Kung Fu, Shinoby Ha Ju Jitsu, Judo, among others. In 1964 he chose to put all of his learnings in to a new style of fighting Kung Do Lama, a style which is now taught around the world. Kung Do Lama is a personal defense system combining many different styles of martial arts.

The students, friends and family of Sensei Vazquez will attest, that he is a warm and loving person, who loves martial arts and has taught many students through out his career.

It is with pride that we welcome Sensei Vazquez and Kung Do Lama to WAMA, and we look forward to learning and training with him and his students in the future.

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