WAMA seminar Denmark 2014

Wama has yet again hosted a succesful seminar, this time the seminar was held in Aalborg Denmark.

Aalborg Selvforsvar og Ju-jitsu Klub had their 40th anniversary, and the seminar was held with great participation.

200 students attended the seminar, and every single one had a wunderful time. The feedback from the students has been more than expected.

As regard to the teachers this has again surpassed all expectations. The senseis was of the highest grade not only in their teachings but also in their budo spirit.

On behalf of Aalborg Selvforsvar og Ju-jitsu Klub I would like to extend our thanks to all participating, your friendships and personalities are the essence of martial arts.

It has been a true pleasure learning and training at the seminar, and I know that we all look forward to seeing eachother at furture events.

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