WAMA Seminar in the United Kingdom Oct. 2012

We are pleased to inform, that another great WAMA Seminar took place, this time in the UK.

The seminar was a two day event, on the 27th & 28th of October. Hosted by Sensei Martin Folan of -ALLSTYLE- Kickboxing Martial Arts Association.
Which included the arts of Ju Jitsu, Thaiboxing, Judo, Kyokushinkai Karate and Shorinji Kempo.
The Instructors were.
Shihan Leon Donnelly – Ju Jitsu
Shihan Mac Robertson – Kyokushinkai Karate
Sensei Les Mitchell – Ju Jitsu
Sensei Gary Don – Judo
Sensei Adrian Starr – Shorinji Kempo
Sensei Martin Folan – Kickboxing Budo
It was a good weekend of politics free Martial Arts training, with members of Goshin Ryu International and WAMA involved.