Welcome to WAMA – Sweden.Sweden

If you , your school or style have an interest in participating or becoming a member of WAMA in Sweden, you are more than welcome to contact our representative for more information.

You will find the contact information under the representatives profile.


Technical board

Director of the tecnical bord of WAMA Sweden
Chikara Self defense Club
Johan Pettersson
Stig-Lennart Åkesson
Alf Rexhagen

Individual Members

SE 001 Göran Falk
SE 002 Sven Henriksson
SE 003 Stefan Linnarsson
SE 004 Stefan Gustavsson
SE 005 Stig-Lennart Åkesson
SE 006 Alf Rexhagen
SE 007 Niclas Frisell
SE 008 Anna-Karin Garstam
SE 009 Jessica Pihelgas
SE 010 Johan Glantz
SE 011 Urban Todal
SE 012 Johan Pettersson
SE 013 Robert Kimfors
SE 014 Frederik Larsson
SE 015 Michael Johansson