Our objective is to create friendships, understanding and sharing knowledge by practicing Martial Arts together, by holding events, with some of the most highly skilled and respected Martial Art teachers from around the world.

We are a democratic, non-profit making organization, for the benefit of all members, equally.

World Alliance of Martial Arts

Our goal is not to become the largest, but rather one of the most active organizations in MA, where people meet and train together.

The World Alliance of Martial Arts welcomes all styles of Martial Art.


We currently have representatives in twelve countries in europe, asia, north america and africa.

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Yearly Congress

Each year the President is host for the yearly congress, where country representatives selects the upcomming president and discusses the future of our organisation.

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For administrative contact and overview of our structure

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World Alliance of Martial Arts


Upcoming seminars

Upcoming seminars

Dear fellow martial artist It is an exiting time in WAMA, there are a lot of seminars to attend. In...

WAMA congress

WAMA congress

Yet again WAMA is proud to have hosted a great event, this time in Sweden by Hans Pihelgas. A well...

40 Years in Martial Arts

40 Years in Martial Arts

Recently out friend from Denmark and Russia, Christian Hvidberg, Alexander Sivkov, Alexey Michenco, Igor Sobolev and Alexander Mikov all celebrated...

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